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Learn how to generate and automate a steady stream of condition-specific, subluxation-focused new patients, each and every month.

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Whether you’re new to practice or been at it for decades, this is the brand new way to implement proven-effective, time-tested tactics that will make it easy for lots of new patients to come for relief and all of your patients to STAY for a lifetime of health, wellness & performance care.

If you’re tired of roller coaster marketing that brings in new ones for a while, then doesn’t...THIS IS FOR YOU!

What would it be like, to have that PROVEN turnkey soup-to-nuts marketing plan including all the professionally designed marketing materials, personalizable and customizable for your practice?

Hi, I’m Dr. Stephen Franson, founder of the Remarkable Practice.

I started The Remarkable Practice because I know that building a practice on your own is hard.

My wife and I did it, but only with the help of coaches, masterminds, business courses, and events. It cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and took YEARS to figure out what worked and what didn’t.

In time, we built our practice to 1,000+ patient visits per week. But after our experience, I didn’t want to keep the success secrets to myself.


I’m passionate about seeing DCs thrive in practice…I finally did it and now I’m sharing everything I know, with you.

I now travel the world, living my dream, training chiropractors to build Remarkable Practices as a part of a remarkable life!


One thing you MUST HAVE to build a Remarkable Practice is a reliable stream of ‘highly-qualified’ new patients each month.

That’s where we Chiropractors often go wrong…

‘Who is my ideal new patient?’ or ‘What should a potential new patient know in order to become an ideal new patient?’ With our passion for ‘educating people about chiropractic’ we often forget that people pay for what they ‘want’ not what they need.

If you don’t develop an easy, consistent, reproducible way for people to easily become an ideal new patient, you and your practice are likely consistently under stress. Either you able to get people in the door but they don’t really want to stay or you struggle to get the right people in the door to begin with.

It’s time your practice experiences what it’s like to be Remarkable.


How do you create and automate a comprehensive, turnkey, done-with-you marketing program that consistently attracts ideal new patients, month after month, year after year using today’s technology and yesterday’s tried and true communication methods? That’s the problem Dr. Jason Deitch, Dr. Jeff Langmaid, and I set out to solve.


Dr. Jason Deitch

Jason is a fellow Chiropractor and founder of AmpLIFEied, the profession’s most valuable social media resource library that helps chiropractors grow their practices through building local tribes of people who share their beliefs and values.

Jason and I partnered, combining his expertise on social media and tribe building with the marketing system that I and hundreds of my coaching clients use in our offices.

We then invited the Evidence-Based Chiropractor to join us to help make our program even more valuable.

Dr. Jeff Langmaid

Jeff is founder of The Evidence Based Chiropractor and Chiro Office Coverage.

He’s a third-generation chiropractor, whose grandfather worked with B.J. Palmer.

Jeff now works with other disciplines to bring more chiropractic to more people and his specialty is speaking science.



Body Signals is a series of ‘Body Signals of the Month’ topics aligned with the most popular symptoms people search for on Google and the most active conversations your community is having with each other on Facebook throughout the year.

What our Docs Say

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“Ideal New Patient Marketing in a Box”

In other words, we speak about the issues they ‘want’ to know about. During spring, many of your potential new patients search Dr. Google for information about “allergy relief”. (Are they finding you? Body Signals doesn’t just tell you WHAT to talk about in your marketing and WHEN…it’s comprehensive, personalizable, automatable.

New Topics Every Month

Multiple Applications

In-Office Workshops

On-Location workshops

Facebook Live Sessions




Youtube Channels

And More...

A Complete Approach

Pre-Selected Conversation of the Month

Body Signals Powerpoint Presentation

Beautifully designed, scientifically backed, powerful done for you presentations that make you look great. ($500 Value)

Body Signals Workshop Script Worksheet

Workshop Script Worksheet makes it easy to prepare for your workshop with your unique perspective. ($50 Value)

Body Signals Workshop Attendee Handouts

For attendees to take notes, take home and share with others. ($50 Value)

Research That Matters Handouts

Each topic is supported by science & backed by research. Done for you, Research That Matters monthly handouts makes it easy to share the science & grow your audiences each month.  ($200 Value)

Research That Matters Weekly TV episodes

Hosted by Jeff Langmaid; a done for you video highlighting the weekly research & why it matters with worksheet to help your craft your own episodes. ($400 Value)

Body Signals Social Media Graphics and Automation

Eye catching graphics and done for you posting service 3 times/week. ($48 Value)

Body Signals Promotional Social Graphics

To share your workshop on your practice’s social networks. ($50 Value)

Facebook Page Monthly Cover Image

Make a great first impression with new visitors to your Facebook Page. ($50 Value)

Done-for-You In-Office Promotions

Body Signals Postcard Invites

To invite the community to your workshop. ($100 Value)

Body Signals Promotional Flyers

To advertise your workshop. ($50 Value)

Body Signals Referral Cards

Referral cards that stimulate lots of new patient referrals, each and every month. ($50 Value)

Research That Matters In-office Videos

Educational video display slide series. ($100 Value)

Done-for-You Online Promotion

Body Signals Email Promotional Templates

A 2-3 email topic based email campaign written in advance to enhance engagement, delivered as editable files. ($600 Value)

Facebook Event Promotional Graphics

Monthly, topic specific Facebook Event graphics with workshop details. ($100 Value)

Body Signal Workshop Video Invite

Done for you video invitation to fill your workshops with people excited to be there. ($100 Value)

Research that Matters Weekly Blog Posts

Unbranded, for your website and social channels. ($100 Value)

Live Training and Support

Research That Matters Monthly Doctor’s Brief

How-to implement and optimize this month’s Research That Matters. ($500 Value)

Private Facebook Group Access

Join The Body Signals exclusive Facebook group. ($250 Value)

FB Live Open Office Hours

Live Q&A to answer your questions. ($400 Value)

FB Live New Member Training

With Jason and Jeff for easy implementation and optimal results. ($500 Value)

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But wait, there’s more…

Jason, an expert on social media and tribe building for chiros, has put his professional design team’s expertise into creating your marketing assets.

That’s like hiring a seasoned social media and professional marketing team to create your campaigns for you.

Plus, unlike most social media “gurus”, Jason is a Chiropractor and best-selling author, he knows chiropractic practice and our profession. He knows what works and what doesn’t.


Bonus, Jason and his team are going one step further for you…

When you join Body Signals, all of the marketing assets you need will be digitally sent to you each month, ready to personalize with your practice's details and logo.

We know that when you see what’s inside Body Signals, you’re going to wish you had it YEARS ago.


It’s really very simple. Your satisfaction is our priority. If you aren’t 100% in love with Body Signals within the first 30 days, we will gladly refund 100% of your money. It’s that simple. We’re extremely confident this program will generate results for you.

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It's Your Call Doc...

If you want to make your life easier and grow your impact, income and practice in 2018…you choose.

One, you could go at it alone. Test market new strategies, map out your own campaigns and hope you hit on a winner that brings in a few patients, for a while…

  • Subscribe to the top research journals
  • Spend hours reviewing them for Chiropractic research
  • Write up weekly Chiropractic perspective on the research
  • Hire a designer to make it look beautiful
  • Hire another designer to create social media posts
  • Hire yet another to create an in-office video slide series
  • Hire a videographer and editor to produce a weekly video
  • Find a research mentor to answer your questions
  • Travel the country to connect with colleagues
  • Hire a copywriter to create weekly blog posts for your website and social channels
  • Hire Drs. Stephen, Jason and Jeff to help you and your staff to implement all the above


Get this done-with-you system that’s been tested by hundreds of DCs before you.

  • Turn research into referrals
  • Increase your conversions
  • Increase your retention rates
  • Make Facebook Live videos easy
  • Improve your in-office workshops
  • Improve patient communication
  • Up your clinical certainty/confidence
  • Train your staff
  • and much more!

One of those is guaranteed to bring in new patients every month.

Now’s your time to decide what to do next. If you’re ready to grow, we want to help. Get started NOW and receive a special ‘thanks for taking action now’ special rate…only available for a limited time.

Take the next step, today. Enjoy your practice and your life even more, tomorrow.

We are creating a community of modern chiropractors looking to elevate the profession, support each other, collaborate, and grow their Practices! Quick question for you: If all this system did was get your ONE additional new patient per year would it be worth it? There’s no doubt about it.

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